Host Family Application

In order for us to better match you with a suitable student, please answer the following questions in details. All questions are required! 

Part 1

Parent 2

Parent 1*


Part 1

List any other individuals that are living in the home including other homestay students*.

Home Address*

Check all that apply*

We prefer to host

Please list down the school(s) that the student can attend.*

House Info*

Which best describes your home*


Will the student have his/her own room?*


7. Does anyone in the family smoke?*

6. Are there any serious health issues for any family members?*

5. Please explain the basic house rules and expectations to the student.*

4. Please indicate any chores you will expect your student to perform:*

3. Are you planning any trips or vacations during the year?*

2. Your religious preference.*

1. Please list any hobbies, activities, sports, events in which your family participates.* 

Part 2


Please write a letter that introduces you to your student.* Please provide a sense of who you and your family are and why you would like to host him or her. We will be forwarding this application form, photos, and letter of introduction to your student!

Part 3

12. Describe a typical day and week for your family:*

11. Are any other languages spoken at home?*

10. Please describe any pets you have and indicate where they reside (e.g., inside the home or outside only) :*

9. Could your family accommodate a vegetarian or a student with other special dietary considerations if the student was able to prepare his or her own meals?*

8. Does anyone in your family drink alcohol?*


Please upload your Family Photographs below.*

I confirm that all questions are accurate and completed.

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Part 4


19 and above







Submission Date

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Host Family Photo* 

Host Family Photo 

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Student Bedroom*

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Student Bathroom*

Living Room*

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Dinning Room

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Optional 1!

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Optional 2!

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