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Study abroad is an exciting yet challenging adventure. Attending schools in a foreign country is overwhelming for many students. Therefore, U.S. Homestay 360 is formed to help international students find a safe and nurturing living environment in which they will be treated like a member of the host family. By living with the approved local families in our large homestay network, international students are able to obtain a fully immersive experience in American culture and English Language. 


At US Homestay 360. we aim to maximize your happiness with a homestay experience with us. Your voice is highly valued! Once you submit the student homestay application below,  our homestay coordinator will soon contact you with multiple suitable host family profiles for you to choose from. Ideally, we will provide you host families who are experienced and have similar interests. As a mean to help you make better decisions, our coordinator will also analyze the advantages of each host family based on information you provided. By choosing us, we will make every effort to ensure you a safer and happier homestay experience.

I had a great time staying with my host family. They tried their best to accommodate my living habits, and they really helped me get familiar with U.S. life. 

Allen Shen, China

I would like to thank you my coordinator Ms. Li for constantly constantly checking-in with me and listening to my troubles at school and home. I felt like I have two host moms! 

Cherry Zhang, China

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